The MMC logo, which incorporates a stylized version of the national flag of Guyana, the golden arrowhead, is symbolic of the company’s commitment to national development and security. The management and staff of the MMC Group of Companies take great pride in making a national contribution, through private sector endeavors.
The Companies of the MMC Group are privately held and duly incorporated under the Companies Act of Guyana. . This group consists of:

MMC Security Force
Phone: 592-220-5416

This technology-driven company, supported by a highly-trained professional constabulary, provides security services, such as Burglar Alarms and Power Patrols, to a wide cross-section of commercial and residential clients.

Mekdeci Machinery and Construction  
Phone: 592-220-5416

This entity specializes in civil construction projects, such as gravel roads and airstrips, timber bridges, river transportation services, and site development for mining operations.


This company owns and operates a large office and warehouse complex, 10 minutes from Georgetown. An experienced professional team manages real estate development, merchandising, and warehousing operations.

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